Blood Lions

“Blood Lions™ is a documentary that sheds light on the South African predator breeding, canned hunting and lion bone trade industries. The team at #YouthForLions are here to inform and engage with YOU, the young people of the world, around the these exploitative industries and how cub petting, walking with lions and volunteering at lion farms is contributing to their success.  Did you know that every single day in South Africa at least 2 – 3 captive bred or tame lions are being killed in canned hunts? We invite you to get involved and be part of a global youth movement for lions!” – Blood Lions

I’m really excited to announce that Olivia Taylor is representing Blood Lions as one of their youth ambassadors for the #YouthForLions campaign. Watch the following videos to educate yourself – become an informed citizen!

Do not visit, cuddle, walk or volunteer with lions. These activities could be contributing to the canned hunting, captive breeding and lion bone trade industries.

Blood Lions trailer:

Wildlife volunteering:

Cub petting: