Entrepreneurial Ideas

– Get involved with projects that I want to run –

I have so many ideas and so much energy but I battle to focus on one thing at a time. Below is a list of all of the projects that I would like to run with a basic vision and implementation strategy…If any of these interests you contact me asap and we can get to work changing the world for the better.

#1 Create an independent EIA survey

Recently I met up with Vincent Naude (UCT PhD student living in Cape Town) who works with the leopard skin trade and Shembe tribe – watch the documentary of his work here: To Skin a Cat.

Vincent explained to me that our protected wild areas are not really safe as development projects can easily bribe people who do the EIAs (environmental impact assessments) to tick all the boxes and okay construction plans. For example, there is currently coal mining in the Kruger National Park, the biggest national game reserve in the world. This may well be a legitimate project…but, when protected and important natural areas are developed or tampered with, I would like to be able to get an independent team of assessors in.

The Plan:

  • To use Four Elements Conservation as an umbrella organisation for this project
  • Network with conscious EIA surveyors who want to help check the validity of certain development programs
  • Get a group of lawyers on board to help us understand the legal implications of our findings
  • And lastly, develop a network of powerful media organisations to highlight suspicious behaviour and help educate the public

#2 Create a support network for anti-poaching and field rangers

Speaking to Reginah Mogwera

#3 Get solar panels for Kliptown Youth Program

#4 Develop and pass a law to help convict poachers